The Master of Nirahara, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares with you – all about what Nirahara Samyama is and what it is not! Lets begin understanding this extraordinary science.

Nirahara Samyama means to explore and discover your body’s possibilities without having any external input like food or water.

Your body is the miniature of the Cosmos, with all possible intelligence in it. If a fish can swim, you can swim, if a bird can fly, you can fly. Just, you need to rediscover those possibilities from your bio-memory, reawaken those possibilities in your bio-memory.

Our Love Connection with Food

Food is equal to Love and Love is equal to Food. Every human being associates fear, greed, attention-need and love with food. That is why if somebody gives you food, you will feel ‘wow’ this person loves me. Food is very closely associated with love all over the world.

In Indian culture food is equal to love. Love is equal to food. That is why in Indian culture, whether it is joy or suffering, we share food. If it is marriage we share food, if it is death also we share food. So food is directly associated with love and the same way all the patterns related to love, attention-need is also connected with food.

Food is Emotional. Nirahara is Excitement 
Food is emotional. When you try to liberate from food and the patterns created by food, first thing will happen to you is – those unnecessary sentiments, emotions associated with food will break.

So the reasonless excitement, a kind of subtle joy, will be constantly happening in your system.

What Nirahara Samyama is NOT

No – Will Power or Control at Play. Yes – Conquer your food hangovers

First instruction in this Nirahara Samyama is you do not control your hunger or thirst by your will power. In this whole process if your ‘will’ comes inside, it will replace food. You will not be successful in your ‘Niraharatva’ (the truth of being food free). 

You cannot control food or water through your ‘will’. In your ordinary life, by ‘will’ if you try to control instead of conquering food pattern, you will create one more pattern of trying to control through ‘will’, which is not good. Through out this Nirahara Samyama, you will not be controlling your eating or drinking habit by ‘will’.

Here no ‘will’ is allowed, only awakening your bio-memory happens.

When your bio-memory is awakened, you don’t need your ‘will’. You will feel highly energetic and highly excited. Mainly you will be liberated from the patterns that you created through the food.

Be assured, the power of the Samyama is such, you will be so excited. You will not have hangover of the food. You will not have the hangover pattern of eating. So the Nirahara Samyama should be practiced without hangover.

Its Not to Save Your Food Bills
Understand, this Samyama of BFOODFREE is not to save your food cost or your food bill. This Samyama is aiming at many of the basic root patterns with which you suffer, which is directly associated with your food pattern.

When the food pattern is removed, many of those basic emotional patterns with which you are suffering are broken and you are liberated. Many of your fear, greed, attention-need that is associated with the food can be broken through Nirahara Samyama.

While, the Nithyananda Niraharis do find abundant time saved from their super-market visits, to cooking, to eating, BFOODFREE is not to save your food bills, or time. Infact, many of the Niraharis, cook food for their families and enjoy enriching others with food.

No Falling Sick, Only Rising in Health, Bliss
You should not feel sick or break your health through this Samyama. This Samyama process should only make you more healthy, excited, joyful and blissful. Understand, this Samyama should not make you fall sick.

Neither Fasting nor Feasting, or Starving, Its Wake-up Call to your Natural Intelligence
This Nirahara Samyama is neither fasting nor feasting or starving. It is completely different. It is just awakening your capability to produce food directly from the sun-rays and the air. Because you have put too much of solid food into your body, you never allowed your natural intelligence of creating food directly from the Sun to function, from many of your past births. (as per the Vedic truth of reincarnation).

The moment you assumed the solid body like pig, buffalo, bull and when you evolve to that kind of bodies, in your life journey – you stopped your natural intelligence functioning.

When you were in the body of the plants, trees, you had this natural intelligence of creating food directly from the Sunrays and the ether. Now, when you evolved your body to the next level like animal body, because of the taste for the solid food, putting so much of solid food in your system, you made your bio-memory to forget that the original intelligence of creating food, creating energy out of the sunrays, air, space and ether.

What Nirahara Samyama Really Enriches You With

Now with Nirahara Samyama you again re-awaken the original intelligence in you.
It is not just an extraordinary power, it is getting into a new Consciousness.
When you are free from the patterns of food, such new Consciousness will be awakened.

Ready to begin your extraordinary path.?

Most BFOODFREE people just experimented and loved the journey.

Lets, learn WHY should you and everyone should do the Nirahara Samyama. HOW you can started?

Excited? So, we are!
Read the real stories of real bfoodfree people who have decided to LIVE WITHOUT Food as a lifestyle.

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