1. Can I blend regular food like rice, pizza, ice cream and still consider myself a Nirahari?

No, because that is too much calorie intake and equals consuming food! Niraharis are people who break the patterns related to food, which includes the idea that body needs a certain amount of calories to survive.  Niraharis only consume diluted juices, thin milk shakes with just milk and fruit. Over time, Niraharis evolve towards living on air.

2. I am loosing more weight than i should with Nirahara, should I stop and continue with regular food?

We would say no, don’t stop if mentally becoming a Nirahari is what you want.  To stop the weight loss, balance the body with drinking lots of milk with honey and religiously following up with the suggested nirahara practices. This is a tested tip, you will see the weight loss stops and you infact start building muscle without doing anything.

3. Can I do heavy weight lifting exercises?

Its best to wait for atleast 6 months for your body to settle with the nirahara experience before you embark on heavy aerobic exercises  or pumping iron. Limit yourself to Nithyananda Yoga and light weights till then.

4. Will Nirahara affect my mensturation cycle?

Well if you are facing issues in that area, nirahara will regulate your cycle and yes  you can remain a nirahari even during your periods. The blood loss will not make you feel light headed , nirahara actually helps people over come anemia.

5. Can children do Nirahara?

Swamiji has not yet approved this. Currently the program is for 18 and plus aged people.

6. Can a female nirahari remain in nirahari during pregnancy?

No , she should consume solid food during the pregnancy period.

8. Do I need to take multivitamin supplements while being a Nirahari?

It is not needed unless your doctor has advised you to do so for some significant reason.  Cosmic energy is intelligent enough to produce all the vital elements needed to keep you healthier than a for consumer. This is why Niraharis who live on just light orange juice and water will often look way more stronger than one who consumes food and supplements.

9.Can I repeat the Nirahara Samyama and THE Samyama?

Yes you can . Each time you do it, you will be breaking more patterns. Repetition really helps those who want to live as full time niraharis. You come to terms with doing completions with various foods and food habits.

10. Can I do THE Samyama even if i did not successfully complete all 3 levels of Nirahara samyama?

No, the pre-requisite for THE Samyama mandates that you successfully complete all 21 days and 3 levels of Nirahara Samyama.

11.What will i do when i go to parties, social gatherings or restaurants with my loved ones?

Simple. You let them eat and you order something suitable to drink. Everyone will want to know why you are not eating. Enlighten them about your new lifestyle.

12. What is once in a while eating defined as?

Niraharis who want to remain niraharis can eat once in a while – like once in 4 weeks or more. This really depends on you authentically LISTENING to your body. Don’t eat because some one is pressurizing you  .Just make a conscious decision.

13. Why am i not successful with the first level Nirahara Samyama itself?

You probably carry some strong food related patterns within you. Do the process of completion as taught by Swamiji, you will certainly see a difference.


14. Is “feeling connection”- being established in Mahabhava necessary for THE Samyama?

Yes, feeling connection, unclutching and ajapa jappa are the 3 pillars of Nirahara. For THE Samyama you need to authentically trust the fact based on your experience that the Master is omnipotent, omniscient and all pervading. Your feeling connection with him keeps you fed with energy.

15.Can people with serious medical illnesses like Cancer do Nirahara programs?

The answer lies with the person’s doctor and swamiji.One answer will not apply to all.

16. I am a Nirahari but I experience hair fall while remaining as one.

Ask yourself if you are keeping up with your practices. Niraharis will actually have great skin and hair . If you keep your tummy filled with liquids, consume neem juice  and a  combo of milk with honey  then the temporary hear fall will stop.

17.Can i do nirahara samyama without a two way connection with swamiji?

NO! You have to do the program in swami’s virtual presence.

18. Does Nirahara affect one’s sex drive?

Nirahara is a spiritual process. Its effects in each person are unique. Most of the Nirahari couples we have talked to do not attribute lower sex drive to Nirahara.There is a greater appreciation and respect for each other’s bodies. But Nirahara does help  eliminate animalistic behaviors of lust, sex addictions, porn addiction, fantasy addiction etc .