KAILASA's Be Food Free (Nithyananda Nirahari)

Live healthy lifestyle without solid food  

BFoodFree takes the science of living without food to the world.
Initiated people can choose to give up food completely or consume it once
in a while instead of 3-4 times a day.
Nirahara is like going back to nature’s lap, completely depending
on  the cosmic energy for nourishment.


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Rama Nirahara Samyama

Bhagavan Sri Rama was having forest fruits while He was meditating on Paramashiva and received the Upanishad. Having only forest fruit diet, doing sincere Shiva Puja and reading Upanishads for 21 days is RAMA NIRAHARA SAMYAMA. You develop subtle brain grooves to grasp the Upanishads, mirroring the neurons of Bhagavan Sri Rama.  

You will receive:

Introduction to Upanishads (Free Ebook)

Ishavasya Upanishad (Video Series)

Kenopanishad (Video Series)

Kathopanishad (Video Series)

Krishna Nirahara Samyama

Bhagavan Sri Krishna was on a dairy diet while meditating on Paramashiva when He delivered Gita. Having only organic dairy products like milk, curd, butter, ghee and cheese, doing sincere Shiva Puja and reading Bhagavad Gita for 21 days is KRISHNA NIRAHARA SAMYAMA. You develop subtle brain grooves to grasp Bhagavad Gita, mirroring the neurons of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. 

You will receive:

Bhagavad Gita Decoded (Free Ebook)

Bhagavad Gita (Video Series)

Vyasa Nirahara Samyama

Bhagavan Veda Vyasa was on a diet of basmati rice grown in Himalaya near Badrikashram, meditating on Paramashiva when He delivered Brahmasutra. Having only organic basmati rice grown in Himalayas, doing trikala sandya and agnihotram for 21 days is VYASA NIRAHARA SAMYAMA. You develop subtle brain grooves to grasp Brahmasutra, mirroring the neurons of Bhagavan Veda Vyasa.

You will receive:

Brahma Sutras (Video Series)

What is Nithyananda Nirahara Samyama?

Nithyananda Nirahara Samyama means to explore and discover your body’s possibilities without having any external input like food or water.

Your body is the miniature of the Cosmos, with all possible intelligence in it. If a fish can swim, you can swim, if a bird can fly, you can fly. Just, you need to rediscover those possibilities from your bio-memory, reawaken those possibilities in your bio-memory.

More than 100 months and ongoing sessions

More than 15K participants from all around the world

More than 100 life time Niraharis (living food free)

Benefits of Nithyananda Nirahara Samyama

Helps develop strong nervous system
Builds glowing, shiny skin and no dehydration
Consume energy directly from space
Cure for Diabetes, hypertension, obesity
Improved ability to focus & attention span
Anti aging & disease free body as side effects

Ready to Join?

03 weeks to new you

Nirahara is a brilliant way to permanently look better, feel better on the inside and outside without the help of a shrink or a plastic surgeon.


Seeing my before and after Samyama pictures, I look good! I lost 17 pounds!! Before THE Samyama I looked and felt tired. Now my energy levels are up, and I love the freedom of eating when I really want it.

Health wise my arthritis is gone. I have the flexibility of a sixteen year old girl! Before THE Samyama I had battled with high Cholesterol for 10 years. My total Cholesterol was 230, and my good Cholesterol was low, 35. Now, after THE Samyama my total Cholesterol is normal, 150.  My good Cholesterol is 45… an increase of 10 points in 21 days…a medical miracle!!

Nithya Balananda

Doctorate in Educational Research and Development


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