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Nithyananda promises ‘fast’ cure for all ills

Devotees claim they are much better off living without food for weeks at the Swami’s ‘Nirahara Samyama’ programme

S Shyam Prasad
Posted On Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 06:49:42 AM

The latest is Swami Nithyananda’s ‘Nirahara Samyama’, a programme in which devotees are encouraged to give up food. For the last three months, devotees who have enrolled for the programme and are off food, are raving on social networking sites that they are better off now. Some claim to have given up food for 21 days while a few claim to have gone without food for 100 days.

Devotees who claim to be without food are inducing others with statements on social networks like, “Be a God! Devatas don’t eat! Stop giving the job of grinding to your intestine. Blood becomes pure – the brain gives more oxygene (sic). No more problems related to sugar, heart pression, arthritis…”
Spokesperson for the Nithyananda Ashram, Ma Priyananda said, “Human body has all possible energies. If you want to fly, you can. If you want to get energy from sunlight, you can. In Nirahara, we are not living without anything. We are living on air. People who have health and mental barriers cannot do it. Devotees are allowed to drink water and sometimes juice twice a day if they are unable to awaken their Samyama. It starts gradually. First two days without food, then seven days, 11 days and 21 days. Some of us are without food for over 100 days. Practically everyone in the ashram is practising it. Sleep has also come down to four hours a day. There is a disclaimer on YouTube channel that the programme is available only under the guidance of the Swamiji.”
A devotee in Nithyananda Ashram said, “Even a newspaper in San Francisco wrote about it. But here, only devotees and people in the ashram know about Nirahara Samyama. Other people are not aware of it.”
But on the internet, the “living without food” concept is catching on. Sample this on Facebook; “Meet Ma Nithya Devi, a 27-year old, director with GVC Group of Companies. She has been a Nirahari (person not eating food) for the past 100 days. She has been initiated into the process called Nirahara Samyama by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Here is what she has to share with the rest of us: ‘What do you call someone who can make you live without food FOR LIFE? You call him: PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA!’” Propagation is also in full swing: “this note is more for the general public.. so sharing on ur walls is highly appreciated”.
But the ashram says it is not for everyone. Priyananda said, “Thousands of people around the world are following the programme and it started with a small group in July. Swamiji personally supervised everyone and all had their heath checked. After the programme, it was found it was not only safe and natural, but there were benefits. Even now, the swamiji has to approve each one for the programme at least through video conference.”
Human body has all possible energies. If you want to fly, you can. In Nirahara, we are not living without anything. We are living on air

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