Welcome to the world of Nirahara

This site presents a small yet powerful segment of the ancient Vedic world revived by the rare living Incarnation HDH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.


You are about to embark on a journey of realization that the idea of living a healthy, blissful life W/O FOOD is possible. You will also meet numerous people who have reaped the rich benefits of the Bfoodfree lifestyle. These people are not monks, they are regular couples, young adults, senior citizens, middle aged people all of who have taken responsibility towards bettering their lives. 

Nirahara- your real freedom from “IMPOSSIBLE” to “I’M POSSIBLE”


-Bagavan Sri Nithyanada Paramashivam

You can choose, whether you do Nirahara temporarily for improving your health, bringing peace to your inner self, breaking free of addictions, breaking free of mental patterns, overcoming psychosomatic conditions, or you can take it up as a permanent lifestyle to explore unchartered depths within you.

Why Live Without Food?

Food is a basic survival need. Food is not the problem, but our ‘need’ of it. Over time, for a majority of the well fed population, this ‘need’ has been translated to ‘want’ . So we fill ourselves with varieties and unbelievable portions of food, and yet do not feel  fulfilled  by the experience or complete with it. 

Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam says – 

“Need for food, need for love, need for energy from outside of you are  are bondages. Need for food is the bondage with the physical world,  need for love is the bondage to the  emotional world,  and need for energy from outside of you is the bondage  that keeps you away from the spiritual world.” 

Why are We Reaching Out?

Because wherever we look we fail to find a single person who is completely at ease – if the body is healthy, then the mind is not and vice versa.

Because it feels like all that people do for entertainment these days is eat, eat and eat more.

Because people are taking to pills, smoking, addictions and deprivation to suppress hunger or its side effects.

Because when the lifestyles are wealthy, then the life-spans are not. If the beds are comfy, then the sleep is not. 


When we take responsibility for our problems,ourselves, the world’s problems get auto sorted because it is we who occupy it! So bring peace into your body and mind and you will see it radiates to the world around you. Your very perception of the world alters based on the change perceived within you.

Ready to Join?


03 weeks to new you

Nirahara is a brilliant way to permanently look better, feel better on the inside and outside without the help of a shrink or a plastic surgeon.

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