THE SAMYAMA program is the second level program of the BFoodFree process, which culminates into the ultimate experience of beginning a food-free life, without the bondages associated with food related patterns.

In THE Samyama program the power to live without food is a manifestation of you living the great spiritual truths.

THE Samyama is a free program. But in order to do it, we have seen from experience that participants should carry a certain level of spiritual maturity in their body and mind to be ready for the tremendous power that gets unleashed when you prepare to live the Nirahara Lifestyle. You will understand better as you listen and watch people speak of their experiences after the Nirahara programs.

We want you to be authentically enriched with the program, and carry it permanently in you. To make the experience stay in you, it requires your commitment to prepare your mind-body. And so, THE Samyama program prerequisites are in itself life transforming experiences that enrich you.

Therefore, those who wish to participate in THE SAMYAMA should have completed either one of the following programs to qualify.


Why do Nithya Kriya Program or Inner Awakening before THE SAMYAMA?

THE Samyama is a program that depends heavily on the energy initiations of the Master and the depth of your connection with Him in spirit – we like to call it ‘feeling’ connection. Though THE Samyama is completely free of cost, you should have completed the above mentioned programs to gain the level of understanding and maturity one usually needs before embarking on becoming a complete Nirahari.

More than anything, it is imperative to understand that though the lifestyle of a Nirahari is today  livable by contemporary people, though the benefits of Nirahara can be scientifically validated, the foundation of Nirahara is always and will always be  grounded in the deep ‘feeling connection’ one enjoys with Swamiji and in living the 4 Spiritual truths called ‘Catur Vedas’ named AIRE taught by Him.

  1. Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your capability and responding to life from who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, who you project yourself to be for others, and, what others expect you to be for them
  2. Integrity is you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others and experiencing a state of Poornatva – completion with yourself and with life.
  3. Responsibility is living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of everything and therefore, you are responsible for all happenings in and around you.
  4. Enriching is you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and  life in and around you.

Life Bliss Program Level 2 / Nithyananda Kriya Program : 4 days

Whether we realize it or not, our whole life is shadowed by the fear of death. All our clutching  – to our money, to our relationships, to our ideas – is really nothing but the fear of dying, of losing our identity. Unless we confront Death, we can never really contact Life. But what is ‘dying?’
Conducted personally by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, this 4-day life-changing program takes you on a powerful conscious journey through and beyond what we call Death. When you realize that you are actually dying and being reborn every moment, all the patterns and memories you carry from past trauma, guilt and pain simply fall away. Life becomes a celebration every moment.
In this program you will :

•     Consciously connect with the experience of dying through 7 intense process
•     Transform your understanding of life and death
•     Learn to overcome all your fears and your insecurities
•     Let go of guilt and painful memories
•     Be healed of sleep disorders
•     Experience the joy of spontaneous living

Be enriched with real sharings of Nithya Kriya Yoga program participants from around the globe, right here! We recommend you listen to at least a few of these to know the scale of transformation people are experiencing…enjoy!

Inner Awakening : 21-day Transformational Program

Inner Awakening is about not waiting for life to happen to you, it is not about positive thinking, personal growth or just good health. It is about going beyond your normal happiness and pain, and awakening the unknown hidden potential energy in you that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, permanently!

The 21 day program takes you on the most joyful and intense journey inside yourself, directly conducted by the living Incarnation for millions, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This irreversible transformational process is a modern expression of the ancient Vedic Science of Enlightenment dating back to ten thousand years.

Can you imagine what your life would be if you had the breakthrough needed to create an extraordinary life now? By our very nature, we are wired for enlightenment!

Thousands are discovering the phenomenon of quantum awakening. When inner awakening happens, the higher emotions happen in you.

“There is an extraordinary potential hidden inside every human being. If it is awakened it will take you to a much higher plane of consciousness – beyond the limitations of human body-mind. Experience this super-consciousness, actualize your ultimate potential. This is the only aim of human life – to live the ultimate luxury of enlightenment” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

We want to share with you some of the exclusive Inner Awakening program videos that can immediately begin your transformative journey – this very moment. Get the glimpse of IA program right here.

Listen to Inner Awakening sharings from IA participants of all ages, places speak of their wonderful deep transformative happenings. In their sharings, you will find, many getting healed from diseases – cancers to migraines, from emotional bondages of their fears, insecurities, stresses, to many becoming empowered to creating abundance, and their profound spiritual awakening in the presence of the Master. Just click to start watching.

Ready to dive in deeper into the most transformational program on the planet – go to Inner Awakening home.