When people meet Niraharis, the first reaction is extreme surprise. Why?

Because we do not look emaciated even after 6 months of living as Niraharis. Our skin glows, our eyes shine with health  and its easy to sense the inspiration we live with. Paramahamsa Nithyananda calls it – “Tenspiring i.e,  when people feel terribly inspired on meeting us”.

We do all our regular work, infact more if not less.We look like batteries of energy and the picture of good mental, physical and for those that know – good spiritual health. It is often hard for people to understand that Niraharis do not starve or fast. We go to a space beyond fasting and feasting, where our bodies directly take in energy  that is needed for our well being.

The Medical World on Fasting

Lets shed light on how we humans have been dealing with fasting and feasting. Moderate Fasting has been a process often advocated for health benefits, detoxing and  medical procedures. Of course the medical world is right when it says people indulging in fast induced starvation run the risk of electrolyte imbalances, thinning hair, cardiac arrhythmia and renal failure. On the other hand, medical science does support the fact that moderate or short periods of caloric restrictions do offer major health benefits like reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, immune disorders, and more generally, the slowing of the aging process, and the potential for increased life span. We should mention here that during the Nirahara Programs, our Master always stresses on the fact that Nirahara should happen as a casual , beautiful happening in the body as a direct effect of the Master’s Initiation. It is not to force the body into submission to live without food.

We can medically attest to the fact that long term Niraharis live with all the benefits of fasting and none of the adverse effects associated with any ‘degree’ of fasting.

Should we even talk about feasting?

Food is something people bond over, show love, hospitality, care and even seal relationships with.Birthdays to Weddings to funerals, they all are venerated with the sharing of food. Of course over time the sharing among people has reduced in favor of binging and hogging by individuals themselves and that is where the problem lies.

Today either people are eating too much or drinking too much or addicted to something else – a little too much. See the sudden increase in reality shows like super size vs super skinny, extreme body makeovers, people carry such confusing body images, it is seriously scary and pitiable at the same time. These days food companies try their level best to get you to crave their products with the aid of specially engineered formulas and specially thought out billboard images designed to score a permanent place in your brain.

How could a layman be expected to rival all of  that? We start doing things against our will and our better judgement, we want to stop but cannot and the worst bit is not the health problems, it is feeling of  helplessness.

Food Related Patterns – As Dangerously Illusive as Icebergs

We have watched extremely obese, food addicts on a strict diet regime monitored by doctors. Gangarene will be eating up half of their legs but still they cannot stop begging for 2 boxes of large pan pizza, with double cheese and extra pepperoni. They do admit that they can see it is a dangerous pattern . Those that do loose weight successfully, cannot see themselves as a thinner, healthier person. Despite counselling, 80% of them still feel like the insecure obese person they used to be.

So you see, medically speaking, fasting or feasting is all only at the superficial skin level. Its like the top of an iceberg, you never see the solid, immovable structure underneath that we will say – is the equivalent of the undealt with food related patterns that have become a person’s muscle memory or their bio memory. Nirahara hits below the visible part of the iceberg.

Nirahara tackles the pattern of eating with which people seem to be stuck on now. The same pattern that has given birth to disease even in those who try their best to eat healthy!

What scares us is the skewed definition of ‘health’ people understand these days.

We always hear statements like :

“ I have polycystic ovaries, but otherwise i am very fit and fine”;

“I have renal colic but otherwise I am healthy”;

“I exercise and eat organic food but i get splitting migraines”; “

“I am healthy but I make it a point to visit a shrink twice a month for unexplainable low moods”.

Good Health Redefined

Well, we have all been there at some point or the other, and now as Niraharis, we define a healthy person as an individual who takes full responsibility for his body and mind. Paramahamsa Nithyananda defines Good Health as –

Being alive, vibrant, loving in the body is called Health, in the mind is called joy, in the being is called Ananda. Just being, bubbling, overflowing, free living, beyond this body, mind, being is called Consciousness.

Good health is not just an absence of disease; it is a state of positive well-being. We are not just humans who are destined to fall sick and get cured. We are an abode of Bliss. We have been created to feel bliss continuously inside us and float with ecstatic lightness at the Being level. This is what is called Good Health.”

So, a Narahari will make it a point to deal with root patterns and perform completion processes with their patterns so that they can be nipped in the bud. For example patterns of worry will be handled before they manifest physically as migraines and progress to tumors .

So when our inner world is healthy, we project the same to the outer world we see. To summarize – our lifestyle as Niraharis keeps us a in a state of constant self-empowerment. We start owning our body, mind, and being. One of the main tattvas, Essense of Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s teachings is – Responsibility. “Responsibility means you living with the Truth that you are the source of everything, and therefore you are responsible for everything happening in and around you.” Niraharis live with this truth of responsibility, beginning with their body.

Role of fasting in Religious Traditions

It is common knowledge that conditioning from society, family and religion really influence a person’s mental makeup especially the ideas they hold with regards to food. For example, in Hinduism, food that is offered before deities is considered energised, so you do have two sects of people – one who will share the food with everyone and keep their own consumption to a limit and then there are those that believe you can eat as much of the “prasad” (consecrated food as you want) . Hinduism, Budhism, Jainism, Islam, Christanity and several other religions host a variety of ‘ritual fasts’.

Unique fasts of various durations are known to have respective benefits as explained in each religious tradition. Fasts vary from consuming nothing at all from sunrise to sun set, to consuming nothing except water for several days, to consuming only consecrated  fruit and milk, to eating everything except non-vegetarian food on certain days. Our Master says religious, ritualistic fasts were designed to be rid of the lethargic patterns people carry in their muscle memories- it was a means for internal detoxification and the fact that lethargy leaves the body,one could connect to the higher spiritual truths more easily. However anything has to be done with the right understanding of the ‘context’.

These days, lot of people are so engrossed in worldly problems that doing any of the ritualistic fasts is more like a “thing to do because one was told to do it” so the original idea of fasting to help break ‘patterns’ is just lost. Without breaking patterns one cannot hope be rid of the laziness that masks itself and appears from time to time as blocks in spiritual progress, conflicts in personal, inter-personal relationships, health and believe it or not – even one’s finances.

The Master’s Take

The Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda says that for each religious tradition, their respective saints, prophets, incarnations always upgraded rituals and fasts to suit the needs of humans in each era. If you see people 2 centuries back, their muscle memories, unlike ours, did not need to deal with the tons of garbage dumped on us in the form of engineered  food and the patterns associated with consuming it. They did not need to deal with 1000s of adverts entering their mind each day. Therefore, fasting alone, when done with the right understanding may have been enough to reap spiritual and health benefits for people during that period.

But today’s man needs the heavy duty washing machine like effect that Nirahara has on the physical and metaphysical layers of  his body to even understand one basic spiritual truth – “One has to take responsibility to help himself, without that nothing and no force can help him”. This is where the Avatar of the current era comes in and revives the ancient science of Nirahara that combines practical utility with immeasurable spiritual benefits  and makes it available for the masses of TODAY.

Fasting in Politics?

If you are from India, you will know how common it is for people to go on hunger strikes to protest against an issue or raise awareness for a political, social ,religious or spiritual cause. The understanding is that humans need food to live and when they forgo food to make a point, it will force the intended audience to take notice and show concern. Some well known freedom fighters and social activists have been known to go on 21 day fasts on just water. There are those that died in such feats and those that survived requiring hospitalization. Unsung heros have died around the world fighting for some right or the other, often making it over the 60 day mark.

Nirahara is for ENRICHING yourself so you can ENRICH others!

You can cry over 1000s of social, political, environment issues but at the end of the day you cannot cause a change  because you have forgotten change starts with you first. Not your dad, mom or cat, but just you! The purpose of the Nirahara samyama is to awaken your natural intelligence of making food from space. Nirahara literally translates to “no-food”, but the Nirahara samyama itself goes beyond fasting or feasting.

Humans have over the ages, put too much solid food into their bodies and thus curtailed the awakening of their body’s natural intelligence of creating food from within. Paramahamsa Nithyananda says – “the moment you assumed the body of pig, buffalo, bull etc in your life’s journey, you stopped your natural intelligence from functioning. When you were in the body of plants and trees, you had natural intelligence  to create food. When you evolved to other bodies, the next level of animal bodies, your taste for solid food made you dump so much  food in the system that you caused your body’s bio memory to forget the original intelligence of creating food . Now, all I am doing to those practising Nirahara samyama is simply re-awakening the original intelligence buried in your biomemory.” We Niraharis can confidently claim that this is just one of the many mystical capabilities of an Enlightened Master who’s mission is the physical, mental, spiritual upliftment of humanity.

This yogic technology is not limited to saving those dying of hunger. It is for all of us because whether you agree or not our dependence on food has crossed limits of nature’s endurance. We cease to exist without food.  Just think, you don’t want to go to school, but society threatens you, asking what will you do for food? You don’t want to work in the same boring office doing something you hate, but the moment you want to quit to do something creative, society asks you what will you do for food? The quest for land filled with food and riches has caused some of the biggest wars on earth ever since man recognised the needs of his belly and the power of taste in his tongue.

Which woman can be forced to enter into prostitution if she becomes hunger free? Which child will be forced to work or beg if he lives in Nirahara? Food is a very strong pattern in our bellies; subconsciously, we all carry a burning vengeance towards our constantly demanding bellies. Infact, lust itself comes second on the list !

The Master says “True non-violence happens when you first liberate yourself from anger towards you”. The Niraraha process liberates us from this basic, unconscious hatred towards our bellies. It is a powerful technique to elevate your consciousness. It is a conscious process where your physical body goes to the space where food is not required.