There are two steps for becoming a Nirahari.

  1. Nirahara Samyama : 21-day program.
  2.  THE Samyama : the 21-day residential program.

Both the programs will have you consuming very thinly diluted liquids like orange juice, butter milk, clear soup  and doing  yogic cleansing rituals.

The only thing we will stress repeatedly is that the whole process looks, and feels extremely simple and effortless because the transformation you ultimately experience is only due to the alchemy your body and mind experiences in the presence of – the rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. From His end, it is a mystical phenomena. From our end, He makes the impossible accessible to us.

In His own words, the Master says – “Be very clear, you are not here because you deserve to be here. You are here as part of the flow of Existence, that’s all. There is nothing deserving or non-deserving in this. I am like a full cloud ready to shower. You don’t need to do anything or deserve to be showered on”

Nirahara Samyama – The Preparation

2 way Nayana Deeksha_NithyanandaThis is a 21-day program conducted via daily 2-way video conferencing during the daily morning satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, delivered to a live global audience of thousands. This is the option, if you are not physically at the ashram headquarters in Bidadi, India. There are 175+ centers, vedic temples around the world that host the video conferencing facility also known as Nayana Deeksha (being in the Avatar’s direct vision). For 21 days, Paramahamsa Nithyananda will personally guide you through the following meditations.

Level 1 – Two days :Ganesha Meditation
(where you visualize you are extremely large and eat large quantities of food whatever you can imagine you love to eat, under and above the sun).

Break – 1 to 2 day break normally a 24-48 hours break, where will eat any solid food.

Level 2 – Seven days : The Banyan Tree Meditation
Where you visualize you are the large sacred banyan tree and are thus able to create food from Prana

Second Break: 1 or 2 day break, where you wil eat any solid food.

Level 3 – Eleven days with Banyan Tree Meditation
Where you visualize you are the large sacred banyan tree and are thus able to create food from Prana

THE Samyama – the Life Changer!

Energy Transmission to BFoodFree

Energy Darshan – the beautiful energy transmission to BFoodFree

This is a residential program for 21-days as well. It is residential because it needs to happen under the direct physical supervision of the Master.

Participants will receive one-on-one energy darshans from the Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, every single day. This is the most special moment where He transfers His own bio-memory of living food-free into you. Each energy intiation is an extraordinary and deep process, and is the crest jewel moment of a Nirahari. Every darshan is new, sacred, and very special.

Usually, this program happens along with the Inner Awakening program and during the day Nirahara participants are assigned special volunteering tasks to help them practically use the energy that they get showered with by the Master. This is as important process as the meditations. As Blissful Volunteers, the Niraharis prepare their mind-body as Yogis to be ready to absorb the energy from the Master during the evening energy darshan process.

Volunteering is the time, the Nirharis practically and physically get to the see the power of THE SAMYAMA expressing through their mind-body. Many Niraharis cross the human limitations of resting, tiredness, or their physical, mental barriers during this process. Participants report not sleeping more than 2-3 hours, and feeling intense energy throughout the day.

Swamiji says that “constantly working during this period, is what keeps the tamas (laziness) from entering your body”. The program is dotted with time with Swamiji, meditations, lectures on spiritual truths by teachers or by Swamiji Himself .

 One of the best proofs of the success of THE SAMYAMA is daily 1-2 Yoga Sessions for an hour each. Yes, the Nirharis are in such healthy conditions that they begin their day with intense Yoga to prepare a Yogic Body. We work out despite not consuming any food.

Yoga is a critical part of THE SAMYAMA to prepare the body to become a Nirahari to absorb the energy transmitted by the Master. The volunteering, and the  morning en-Satsangs, keep the mind flower into a Vedic Mind which gets ready to listen, contemplate, and to start living and practising the spiritual truths. When the knowledge becomes experience, it is Authenticity. THE SAMYAMA, makes the knowledge of Nirahara into a deep, and fulfilling experience.

The last day is when our bodies ability to live in the state of Nirahara is permanently bolted into our bio memories by the Master.

The Samyama Experience from the people who are food-pattern free