The purpose of the Nirahara Samyama is to reawaken your natural intelligence of making food from space. Nirahara literally translates to “no-food”, but the Nirahara Samyama itself goes beyond fasting or feasting. Please understand, it is to ‘reawaken’ that primal intelligence, meaning this energy has always been locked within us.

People love to dig their own graves, because they underestimate themselves physically and mentally. When you get a cut or a wound, a healthy body will heal itself completely; so, won’t such a body be capable of producing energy to sustain itself without the external input of food? Of course it can ! Humans have over the ages, put too much solid food into their bodies and thus curtailed the awakening of their body’s natural intelligence of creating food from within.

Our Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda says – “the moment you assumed the body of pig, buffalo, bull etc in your life’s journey, you stopped your natural intelligence from functioning. When you were in the body of plants and trees, you had the natural intelligence to create food. When you evolved to other bodies, the next level of animal bodies, your taste for solid food made you dump so much food in the system that you caused your body’s bio memory to forget the original intelligence of creating food . Now, all I am doing to those practising Nirahara Samyama is simply re-awakening the original intelligence buried in your biomemory.”

We Niraharis can confidently claim that this is just one of the many mystical capabilities of an Enlightened Master who’s mission on the planet is the physical, mental, spiritual enrichment of humanity to live enlightenment.

Break-free from Society’s Cries of ‘What Will You Do for Food?”

This yogic technology is not limited to saving those dying of hunger. It is for all of us because whether you agree or not, our dependence on food has crossed limits of nature’s endurance.

We cease to exist without food. Just think, you don’t want to go to school, but society threatens you, asking what will you do for food? You don’t want to work in the same boring office doing something you hate, but the moment you want to quit to do something creative, society asks you what will you do for food? (You don’t want to fill your life with debts, but society  expects you to entertain them with fancy dinners & dine-outs that hurt your pockets)

The quest for land filled with food and riches has caused some of the biggest wars on earth ever since man recognised the needs of his belly and the power of taste in his tongue.

Which woman can be forced to enter into prostitution if she becomes hunger-free?
Which child will be forced to work or beg if he lives in Nirahara?

Our Hatred towards Our Bellies

Food is a very strong pattern in our bellies; subconsciously, we all carry a burning vengeance towards our constantly demanding bellies. Infact, lust itself comes second on the list !
[colored_box color=”green, grey”]The Master says – “True non-violence happens when you first liberate yourself from anger towards you”.[/colored_box]

The Nirahara process liberates us from this basic, unconscious hatred towards our bellies. It is a powerful technique to elevate your Consciousness. It is a conscious process where your physical body goes to the space where food is not required.

Drop Your Need for Food and Greed for Taste
So, just imagine what will happen to you when you are liberated from the ultimate bondage of eating food?

Your anger towards yourself brought by the need for food and greed for taste will be replaced by sheer bliss. There is so much more energy available for you to direct elsewhere. You become more compassionate!

Think, how many of you or people you know sit at night needing that glass of scotch to fall asleep, all the while cursing your dependence on it?

How many of you have acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome ?
How many women can be liberated from binge eating in depression?
How many men will be liberated from excessive drinking  brought about by the sense of unfulfillment?

Nirahara, your Real Freedom ‘from Impossible’ to ‘for I M POSSIBLE’

Fasting Feasting_NirharaThe possibilities are endless with the biggest one being  – your body CAN become disease-free. Your body CAN LIVE with minimum or WITHOUT FOOD. Before you know it, even the addictions that rule your life will leave you, effortlessly.

Nirahara Samyama makes us experience the REAL FREEDOM. As driven people wanting ‘more’ of everything from life, scqueezing the last bit of our oranges, we unconsciously carry pseudo ideas of choices and freedom. We live with the Maya, the collective delusory pattern that – choices give us freedom. The more richer spreads of food, bigger screens, deeper pockets and dreams give us freedom. Unfortunately, they also add to our colosterol, chronic disorders, and fast living-fast dying lifestyles. This is the way our mind, society weakens us, controls us. The more the choices, the more choices of sufferings to choose from, that’s all.

Nirahara is the ultimate choiceless, real freedom from the bondages we created or were forced to create for our mind-body because we did not know there was another way. The Master defines,  ‘Real Freedom is the freedom from the unstable mind”. Nirahara Samyama empowers us with the stability to become complete with ourself and our life. This ‘Space of Completion’ that breaks-free from all negative patterns we carry about us, makes us realize the ‘right context’, ‘the why’ of our body, our health, our wealth, our age, our relationships, our very life.  From that right reason, from that completion comes extraordinary success, leading to more completion.

That is why the Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares, “Nirahara Samyama will undoubtedly prove your own higher possibility for you.” Noone needs to tell you if anything higher beyond your eyes, imagination or belief is possible. Your completion with life reaches a space that – all ‘if’ ‘but’ ‘impossibles’ ‘tiredness’ ‘may be’s’ drop from your life. As you graduate into Nirahara lifestyle, your very being, including people and life around you will resonate the mantra of ‘I AM  COMPLETE’ and ‘Anything is POSSIBLE’

Especially, when you try something as inconceivable as living without food, your inner-space really understands that –  “Impossible is nothing but “I  M  POSSIBLE” and that great understanding shows up in the way you live your life.

The Confidence, Direct Experience to Live Authenticity, Integrity

[colored_box color=”yellow”]”You will gain confidence that you can be authentic, you can do something which others are afraid of doing, you can do something which even you are afraid of doing”[/colored_box]

“I tell you, if you want to practice Shraddha, Authenticity, gain confidence. First thing, hit at the root-pattern of food. Hit at the root-pattern of food. When you hit at the pattern of food, you will gain confidence about your Authenticity. You will gain confidence that you can be authentic, you can do something which others are afraid of doing, you can do something which even you are afraid of doing.

Nirahara Samyama is one of the most powerful technique, most powerful process. Understand, it is so unfortunate, human-beings have forgotten their capability so much, it takes so much to remember and bring them back to that space of remembrance of their capabilities. Nirahara Samyama will really, really, really help you to experience Authenticity, to live Authenticity, because it’s a direct experience which you can see directly, which you can listen directly, which you can visualize directly, the pattern with which you can directly play, complete.”


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