Nirahara Samyama – Insights from a Medical professional

I have the pleasure in introducing myself to the prospective Nirahara Samyama Participant. This communication is purely a support of assurance from the bio-medical background, which in fact has no importance to the participant since the very basis of this great Process is powered by Divinity – Very Divine Energy from a Living Incarnation.

However it is our duty to provide the participant the needed information to substantiate the authenticity of the process. I am Hr Nr. Sri Nithya Sri Priyan, (Dr.T.Ganesh, MVSc.,) a qualified Veterinarian graduating in 1976 and Post Graduation in 1978,and been Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine  for over 9 years, before I ventured into Private practice and Business in Gulf. I have been practicing Veterinary Medicine for the last 37 years specializing in Sports Medicine and Reproduction in Racing Animals.

With reasonable knowledge in Medical Physiology back ground and eventualities of fasting and deprivation of food and water and its impact on life and living, and with the medical testimonials as the out come of the Nirahara Samyama  and The Samyama Participants, initiated by Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I stand before you assuring your logical anxieties resolved scientifically. The Nirahara Samyama participants must also understand the most important component of the process is the ‘Feeling connection’ you establish with the Master, your ability to trust His words and follow the Meditation process sincerely to have direct effect on your body and psyche.

Fasting medically have both physiological and psychological impact on you. Hence your response will depend on your current mental and physiological status.It is generally mandatory for healthy individuals without any medical conditions are advised to take up the process. It no way curtails people with known maladies to take part in the process, preferably with medical consent and and medical supervision since health is priority. In one way we are doing this process for better and optimal health.

In our experience we have encountered people from all communities, all regions of the world with variety of medical conditions including , Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, High Triglyceride levels, Poly Cystic Ovaries, Anemia , Anorexia, Eating Disorders, Influences of Menopause, several more to mention.

For the best results you need to drop your logic, stop the importance you give to your mind and be focused on the Divine connection by literally living the 4 principles of life – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching self and others.

We have attended to several enquiries on people with varying BMI finding out right situations following the Samyama, because basically the Nirahara Processs targets the Food related patterns, it sets right your feeding habits, it corrects your  food patterns. Food is the major factor influencing our engrams ,hence people will find huge favourable results in the very first three levels of Nirahara Samyama.

Nirahara Samyama Level 1,2 and 3 takes the participant through a process that breaks free the Psychological backing of your mind over the food intake.It breaks your influence of your will over food intake. It breaks your conditioning on the food  intake built over years, may be even births.

Swamiji when He takes through the Nirahara Samyama level 1, 2 and 3 generally gives a break of day or two for this reason of over powering your will before it over powers. Making the consciousness prepared for the feeling you are not hitting the wall. As a person from the field of medicine.

I tell you honestly  leave your fears and taboos over fasting aside and take up Nirahara Samyama without doubts in your inner space trusting your body and all your faith in Swamiji, you will do perfectly.

You are not fasting here although physically you are not taking solids, you will be on liquids, and the rest is worked through the Nayana Deeksha (2-way video conferencing-online connection) – Nirahara Samyama Meditation under the supervision of  the Living Incarnation. Mandatory and statutory warning, if during the process, if you fell still you are not able to  win over you mind and feel you health is at stake ,please discontinue toe process and join the process again latter when you are fully prepared.Your health is our ultimate priority.

The Ultimate Physiological and Spiritual benefits of Nirahara Samyama never stops luring the sincere seeker.

Hr Nr. Sri Nithya Sri Priyan ( Dr.T.Ganesh, MVSc.,)