My name is Dr. Jyothi Sakhamurii (MBBS). I am 40yrs old.

I did Nirahara Samyama in September, 2012 batch.

After 20 days of being on fruit juices and clear liquids like buttermilk, I was surprised that I was not hungry at all.

I had a lot of encouragement from my children and friends. They asked me to join and support in their own Nirahara Samyama. To overcome my food patterns I kept myself busy the whole day; I can say that I was over productive.

Now I am doing The Samyama in the presence of Swamiji in Bidadi, which is for 21 days continuously.

Going through the lab reports of pre and post Samyama I find the results are mind blowing. The people have only gained in health very naturally through awakening the individual’s biomemory, for which there is enough lab evidence. The only thing we lose is excess weight.

Anyone can be successful by strictly following the instructions given by Swamiji to the Niraharees.

The Niraharees are like a new species born on this planet earth with a new system of generating energy. This is the easy means of attaining satvic lifestyle which is conducive for the peaceful mind and body.

Dr. Jyothi Sakhamurii (MBBS)


Dr.Jyoti Medical Certificate