This is Dr Shanthi, an Obstetrician & Gynecologist (MD in OBG, DGO) practicing in Bangalore for past 22 years.
I would like to share my personal experience being part of Nirahara Samayama & The Samyama process.

Throughout the process when I was on liquid diet my physical, mental & spiritual health and the energy levels were at peak, never there was tiredness or drowsiness. Infact I used to work for more number of hours than usual days. My professional colleagues were surprised at my energy levels attending to emergency calls at wee hours, attending to outpatient care & taking responsibilities for personal & social life without getting tired really is an amazing experience!

Though I was on liquid diet for 21-days following The Samyama all laboratory findings for blood levels of Sugars, Kidney, Liver, Thyroid function tests, blood cells evaluation, Vitamins & minerals – all were within normal limits proving Scientifically that food is not the only source for obtaining energy or to maintain healthy body.

When we go through such spiritual process our self-perception drastically changes bringing tremendous self-confidence & our ideas about health and human structure & function change enormously, trust about Natures innate intelligence and great healing capabilities undergoes huge shift towards positivity making it a very deep experience which is huge asset for a doctor to share with others in day today practice.

Another significant factor which I would share is Anti-aging happening not just at physical level, it happens at a deeper level resulting shift in your energy levels changing your perception about yourself and your capabilities.

I sincerely invite you all to come, experience all the positives of this process.

Thank you,
Dr. Shanthi