After taking Nirahara Samyama lot of my food patterns disappeared. I eat when I am hungry and I work long hours without eating. This happened after I took Nirahara Samyama. I get agitated if I didn’t have food in time. Now I am free from it. That one freedom itself means a lot for me. I want to do Nirahara Samyama again and I will also enrich as many people to take Nirahara Samyama.

I have good health after doing Nirahara Samyama. I feel energitic, i am saved from bad eating habits, so i am saved from getting disease also. One thing i can say, i didn’t see doctor for any sickness like flu, fever or any other problems after taking nirahara samyama. Spiritually I am also healthy after the samyama. Lots of laziness pattern has disappeared. I am doing more spirutal practice, like waking up early morning to do yoga, surya namaskar & joging. Becasue of my new lifestyle of waking up early for the daily routines, i can be in the office early and more productive to my company. My bosses are happy now and i internally feel good.


Ananda Sharva Vengadeswaran.S
Project Manager