Niraharis are the Yogis of Nithyananda who live beyond food and hunger. They practice many special yogic processes and techniques personally designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. These practices enrich them with the much needed support and care to prepare their bodies to become Nirahari Yogis with a true Yogic Body, and an enlightened Vedic Mind.

Rooted in the deep mystical vedic sciences where the body is taken as a microcosm of the Cosmic energy, having its own independent intelligence in every cell, these yogic practices are now revived by the Master, in their most practical, authentic, fool-proof way to bless even the busiest of lifestyles.

Authentically Preparing a Yogic Body

Energy Darshan Nirhari

What is a Yogic Body?
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the born supreme Yogi, is the Master of the science of Yoga and Kriya, and is reviving the authentic Yogic science, with a deep understanding about the reality of our lifestyles today. He has done extensive research on how the body’s potential energy gets awakened, what is referred to as kundalini shakti in yoga and tantra, and reflected as a direct increase in mitochondria cell energy in medical terms.

He defines the Yogic Body as – “A body which has 5 components. 1. Power. 2. Stamina 3. Flexibility 4. Physique. 5. Energy. When you own your body and design it as you want with yoga into a healthy and blissful body it is a Yogic Body. When your movements are such that your body becomes healthy, graceful as you want, it is a Yogic Body”.

Why do we Need a Yogic Body?

The life-line of the Nirhara process is the Master’s energy transmission into our bio-memories. It is like a lamp lighting a lamp. Unless our body is prepared to receive His energy, we will not benefit fully from the process. Master is like the sun, transmitting the direct light to everyone, everything. To absorb the sun-rays optimally, the seed needs to prepare itself, break-free, and turn into a plant, coming out from its shell of dirt, impurities, inauthenticities that block the light entering the seed to sprout. It needs to trust in its possibility to become the life-giving, healing Banyan Tree, which enriches life itself. Carrying a Yogic Body prepares our ‘seed’ body to break-free from its diseases, its toxins, its limitations, and makes us trust that we too are that Banyan Tree.

BFoodFree Couple_NithyanandaPreparing our body with the yogic practices such as yoga, kriyas, and yogic cleansing makes us ready to absorb the transmission of the Master’s energy, that ultimately enables us to grow into this Banyan Tree, a Nirahari Yogi.

The Master explains that these techniques not only cleanse our body, but bring peace and balance to our mind, and lightness and bliss to our being. Swamiji insists that all the Nirhara Samyama participants do the yogic cleansing process every day along with creating a Yogic Body, so that the heat created during the kriyas and energy darshan, the energy transmission process be removed and that the body is able to hold the energy permanently.

Just think about it this way. An upside down vessel is no good to fill in the most pure water. Any amount of water poured over it, will make it spill out everywhere, except that vessel. Now, take your body. Not preparing a Yogic Body makes the energy just leak out from our mind-body system, and even if poured, will not stay long in us.

Loved By the Niraharis

Nirahari Pancha KriyaWe don’t expect you to perfect the art of these techniques. All you need is to sincerely practice these yogic process, with excitement. They are your support system, not a burden.  There is no short-cut to becoming a Nirahari, but straight practices that enrich you beautifully to make the whole experience a simple, joyful journey.

Niraharis vouch by the power of these yogic practices to help them radically break food and body patterns. Just like the daily cleansing practices of bathing, brushing, a Nirahari just can’t do without these. They are that good, and helpful.

Now, lets begin with the Essential Yogic Practices of a Nirahari to create a Yogic Body. These practices are easy, fun to do.


Nithyananda Yoga

SY & Diya @“Yoga is the oldest fitness tradition in the world . Yoga is the oldest art developed for health. Yoga gives eight strategies for health.”

Nithyananda Yoga is a unique approach to integral fitness, combining modern fitness science with traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and brand new insights in the truths of yoga and kundalini awakening.

The new Yogic Body is capable of sustaining, expressing and radiating higher energy levels and higher frequencies of consciousness, which has a direct practical application in one’s life, improving health, attracting wealth, the right relationships, and providing a clear enlightened understanding of the body-mind and spirit.

Nithyananda Yoga is body-based spiritual sadhana designed for the active modern man.

Yoga Routine

1. Niraharis should do 1-hour of daily Nithyananda Yoga. This is a must do as you need to regulate the tremendous energy being generated in your body as you turn your seedling into the Banyan Tree. Till you become a complete Nirahari, and as personally guided by the Master, you are advised not to include any heavy weight-lifting techniques to your routine.

2. At least do 12 sets of Surya Namaskar daily. Here is a video training session.

3. Join the Live Yoga Sessions led by Nithyananda Yoga Acharyas, the Yoga Teachers from the Bidadi Ashram daily on the internet on at 4.00 am IST onwards. Please visit the site to see the repeat telecasts, if you are on a different time zone.

4. Do it on your own time. Subscribe to the official Nithyananda Yoga channel with over hundreds of recorded yoga sessions. Visit and begin sculpting your Yogic Body.

The Pancha Kriya – 5 Essential Yogic Cleansing Techniques

Pancha Kriya Kit

A seed does not become an overnight tree. And so also a Nirahari needs intense friendliness with the body to allow it to gradually and naturally reclaim its freedom to get back to its natural food – energy!

A plant needs constant nurturing to be able to hold the energy supplied to it from the nature – the sunrays, the air. Sometimes, it even needs protective fencing from animal grazing and wild weeds. Same way, a Nirahari needs constant fencing of Pancha Kriyas in the body to flush out the toxins, diseases, and negativities stored in our muscle memory.

“Pancha Kriya”  literally meaning 5 (pancha) and Kriya (process) are the five powerful cleansing techniques to remove the toxins and balance the 3 main doshas, the biologocal energies in our mind-body system.

Pancha Kriya is a wonderful routine that keeps us energized to absorb the life-force throughout the day. Each kriya handles the specific part of our body system, and so it is a complete system.

Learn the what, why and how to do’s of the Pancha Kriya, here.

Neem Juice – Your Morning Power Drink

Neem Juice_Nirahari

Begin you day with the Neem Juice, right before your your session.

It is a Sarva Roga Nirvani – the curer of all diseases. Neem tree is a medicinal ayurvedic tree indigenous to India, which has been of great benefit to humanity for thousands of years.

Read more about neem juice, and how you can take it here.


Haritaki Powder – Your Ultimate Spiritual Cleanser

haritaki1 End your day with Haritaki powder, the miracle spiritual cleanser. Haritaki powder, is the official divine drink, the nectar in the Nithyananda lineage. Nirahari’s favorite night-time routine, right before bed time.

Read more about Haritaki, and how you can take it here.