The Master of Nirhara, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the never before told truths of how living with Integrity helps us go beyond hunger, sleep, tiredness, fatigue, and all things that make us powerless. From working to eating to resting, Integrity is the one source of energy that fuels our life with constant limitless energy. 


Bring intensity to your integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. Let that become your bio memory. Only then the need for the external support will disappear.

Need for food, need for love, need for energy from outside, all three are bondage.
Listen, need for food is the bondage with the physical world.
Need for love is the bondage with the emotional world.
Need for energy from outside is also a bondage with the spiritual world.

That is why at one level, Master leads you to the formless form of Him where the energy is expressed from the very source. Your own Atman is experienced as cosmos.

Anyhow now you don’t bother about the spiritual world, that you can be freed from the last moment. That is the last bondage you need to break. First you need to break these two bondage. Need for food and need for love. Bring integrity and authenticity into your thinking, your bio memory will stop asking the need for the external sources.

You may think how Integrity can help Nirahara Samyama?

I will tell you, when you bring Integrity into your thinking you will realize, the constant tiredness, constantly feeling lack of energy is also a negative weed in your inner space which is responsible for eating.

Whenever you feel you lack energy you start eating. The idea of lack of energy is nothing but a negative weed, which you need to take it out with integrity. Even hunger, I will tell you, hunger is a negative weed.

[colored_box color=”green”]Human beings can live without hunger. Sorry if I offend your logic. But what I am saying is true.[/colored_box]

Integrity Makes Air into Energy (Prana)

CosmosHand_1With integrity if you are thinking constantly, all the air you are taking inside will be converted into energy, Prana. Please listen, if all the air which goes inside, if it becomes energy, by your bio memory, by your muscle memory, I will tell you, you don’t need any other source of energy from outside. Your breathing will be very deep. You will have such a strong experience of fulfillment. Only thing you need to do with this Nirahara Samyama somehow breaking some obstacles mind brings.

Listen, mind will not bring directly the obstacles like – I am feeling hungry and all that, it knows. If it says I am feeling hungry, I am tired and all that you will not listen. It will bring some other obstacles only. It will bring something else only. But in the heart you know you just wanted to push it. Some more time.

Inauthenticity always comes like Ravana*. Ravana did not come as Ravana to take Sita. He came in a disguised way as a beggar, as a Rishi. So your inauthenticity also, always comes up with some reason, something else, some other cognition. Please listen, with integrity if you start practicing, you will weed out even hunger.

When you are in Integrity with your consciousness, suddenly the hunger and sleep both disappear.

Hunger and sleep is nothing but your lack of integrity to your soul, to your consciousness. When you are in integrity with your consciousness, suddenly the hunger and sleep both disappear. Your sleep will be just Samadhi. Even if you have little hunger it will be just to run the body, may be once in a week you will feel like eating.

Bring Integrity & Realize You are Worthy of All Best Things

I will tell you from my own experience, the physical hunger, no animal has breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do you know any animal, which has clear breakfast, lunch, dinner? 
Once in a week if they feel hungry they go out for hunting. Even if they hunt more they will leave it. They don’t dump inside. And you will not see a single animal dying out of obesity, even elephants. Have you seen obesity death in elephants?

If you are integrated with your hunger it will suddenly disappear. Whatever remaining is negligible. Bring integrity to your hunger. Bring integrity to all the beliefs you carry about you.

Bring integrity to all your habits, eating, drinking, sleeping, talking in every activity – infuse Integrity.
How you feel about you?
If you achieve something what you think as big, immediately your mind says now I am worthy of vacation or rest or some treat, food.
How many of you have this pattern?
Bring integrity to you, you are worthy of nice things always. You don’t need to achieve something to have nice things. Have the best things of the world as your lifestyle.

Listen, resting out of feeling tiredness is not the best thing for you to have. Resting out of completion is the best thing for you to have.

Just this one technique – Bringing Integrity to Your Hunger. Only hunger spreads all over the body as tiredness. When I say bring integrity, I tell you, let not hunger be a negative pattern in you. Remove, remove, remove continuoously. Suddenly you will see, any of that pattern-based hunger will disappear. Real hunger will come, which will only be once a week.


Learn more about INTEGRITY. Integrity not only has the power to help you become food free, it gives power to our words, making them reality in our life.  Lets watch and carefully listen below.


Ravana – Ravana, also called ‘Dashanand’ known to have 10 head, is the great king of Lanka from the great epic of Hindu Purana, Ramayana. He is described as a devout devotee of Lord Shiva. In Ramayana, Ravana abducts Mother Sita, the divine consort of Lord Rama in a cunning way in the disguise of a begging sage. Later, this act of Ravana, becomes the cause of the destruction of his kingdom, his kinsmen, his countrymen, and ultimately, his own death.

Here Paramahamsa Nithyananda refers to ‘Ravana’ in the context of our inauthentic mind, which always hides in the disguise of giving ‘reasons’ to support our hunger, our tiredness.