Normally, I am prone to headaches, if I don’t eat or go in the sun, but here I was, no physical effect of debility at all, on the contrary feeling light and healthy.  Lost a total of about 10 kgs during the total samyama process…

Health Benefits

1.  Being able to live without solid food.

2.  No loss of energy or weak feeling.

3.  No headaches or physical debility

4.  Feeling light and blissful

5.  Even now though I have started having solids in January, I am 80% on liquids, and my intake has dropped by 80%. Even now I eat because I want to eat, not because I need.  I can go back on liquids anytime as all my food patterns are broken.  No necessity  of tea, milk etc.

6.  Anti aging- looking at least 10 years younger

Nithya Kavyaroopini
Ex-Banker now Home Maker
Mumbai, India