1. Gautama’s weight has now gone down from the initial 68kg before Nirahara Samyama to 65kg and now to 61kg after THE Samyama . 61kgs is my ideal BMI and it is currently staying at that mark although Gautama has started eating.
  2. Food intake has drastically reduced from what Gautama used to take before. Gautama now eats by choice.
  3. Almost all cravings have gone away and the very few one do not bother or overpower him like before.
  4. There is no fixed time for food like before and there is no gastric pain like before if Gautama skips a meal. Gautama eats when he wants and there is lots more awareness when eating.
  5. Many other patterns related to food like snacking while thinking or eating when Gautama is worried has dropped. Tea drinking habits Snacking habits has dropped drastically as well.
  6. Irritation and frustration due to hunger is no more.

Nithya Gautamananda
Infrastructure Engineer
Wellington, New Zealand