Sathish was on liquid diet on 19 out of 24 days at a stretch and lost about 4 kgs in the process. Sathish has put on 1 kg after these months. Sathish’s skin and hair became very soft and have remained so.

Sathish’s miracle with the nirahara samyama is that he ran a half marathon with just 12 weeks of preparation.  Sathish had not run anything more than a few hundred meters at a stretch for over 2 decades.  Sathish signed up for a half marathon.  His first run was for 40 min.

He finished the half marathon in 3 hours 2 min.  This was Sathish’s 21st run after he started training.  people around sathish commented that he looked fresh after the race!

Sathish Selvakumar
Bangalore, India