I am initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda into the science of Nirahara. My only consumption now is water, light soups, buttermilk, Kanji, Khir, Dal, juices. So I only buy fruits, vegetables, buttermilk, some natural sweetener like jaggery, date syrup and spices.
These are all the expenses and products I need for living. Not a bad deal, a very low overheads!!! The ultimate goal is to evolve towards consuming only water and thereafter to fully allow the body to use Prana (life force energy) from space.

Other food products are not needed any more, so automatically I will become quite wealthy from savings in food costs alone!! Unlike before, I now longer run my life for buying food, so my motivation for work has taken a turn towards enjoying my work for a change. I have found  the right balance in working and fulfilling my other hobbies, creative skills, and discovering my inner potential. I am finally  feeling fulfilled and enriched. I am no longer a slave to work, and not running away from life either. I no longer  spend the whole day working and hating it, instead my work has started enriching those involved in it. At 57, i have finally started living and enjoying the experience of life.

So what happens if there are more who can live like me? When more and more people live without food, mass production of unhealthy, unnatural treats, animal slaughter and the disease burden on our society will decrease. When one gains more energy and health despite not eating, workability increases too . Employees are healthier and organizations won’t suffer from absenteeism. Think of the effect on the healthcare industry when dependence on allopathic medicine decreases.The pharmaceutical industry will lose  power and importance in people’s lives . With the health and vitality of people taken care off naturally people will operate with higher awareness, they will be happier, more creative, more sensitive ,more connected with nature and with each other. Sometimes i wonder what people will do with all the money they save on medical bills. Go for more vacations i guess. I am surprised that Nirahara did not turn me into a hippie! I instead have the right context for wealth creation because of Nirahara. Wealth is now just a utility which i can use for my benefit or that of others.

I have seen Nirahara create a more healthy environment for me in my health, my finances, at work and in my relationships. With such a healthy environment in their lives, people will find it easier to get back to nature. Think in the lines of people feeling “real” responsibility for the planet and not just clicking tongues while watch natural calamities take over on the news . I think even production will become more  natural, non-polluting when we don’t have to worry about forced mass production. Production of food in each country can become self-sufficient, no need for mass produced poor quality, modified food.
A natural consequence of needing less food  is to consume quality products that support the health and vitality of  people. When each person feels self sufficient mentally, physically and spiritually through Nirahara, contentment and relaxation presides in a family, it  strengthens relationships in the community. Changing of values increases the motivation for education, culture and art. People discover their innate dormant potential, talents and creativity which they never had time or energy for.

Another natural side effect of practicing Nirahara is that fear, uncertainty and greed disappear from your system. The urge to possess things from external world, accumulation of money, goods, and the madness of consumerism luring people to satisfy binding lower pleasures disappears. Imposed illusions of false values made by manipulating politics, government, the media, financial corporations, pharmaceutical and food lobbies  lose power and authority over the people, i certainly know its lost grip on me.People gain awareness of their divine nature, and the  power in the knowledge that they can  create whatever life they desire. That man is by nature meant to be simple and blissful not constantly manipulated and stressed over money and belly. No-one can manipulate happy people and life as a nirahari will show people how very limited their very idea of happiness was in the first place.

Embracing  NIRAHARA as a lifestyle is a concrete, effective and visible action that has the power to raise  the consciousness mankind lives in . Again , several centuries before when we all lived a life of balance, i could have agreed that Nirahara sounds extreme but not in the current circumstances.

NIRAHARA is a small stone thrown from the top of a snowy mountain that launches an avalanche of tremendous, superconscious power that can only do good for us and those around us. This avalanche can destroy the outdated, hardened patterns of the world and its false order.Those patterns that are suffocating our innate connection with God, and the divine nature within us.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly cherish the most sophisticated mechanism in the universe: the human body, and  that is why I have chosen to allow it to thrive on pure Prana, the life force that is our birthright. Thank God no one has thought to bottle Prana and sell it!

By Mirjana (Nithya Guruswathikananda)
Rijeka, Croatia