Nithyanandam to all!

I am a living Nirahari since August 2012 first batch of “The Samyama” conducted by our Beloved Master Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

Since then I continue to live as a Nirahari. I am going beyond hunger and thirst. I have not taken solid food since then. Living with liquid diet. I am proud to be the first batch of Nirahara samyama 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level and ‘The Samyama’ could complete in the first attempt itself.

I have become very active, alive and light. I could do many yoga postures without pain and suffering. This body became more flexible. In my profession I used to work often day and late night also. But I have to compensate it by sleeping in the alternate timings. Which used to leave me more lethargic and difficult to come out of the sleepy mood until I compensate. Now, the hangover of sleep pattern has disappeared. I am finding more time to work. My sleeping time has drastically reduced to 3 to 4 hours maximum.

Earlier I used to be more sensitive, resistive and restlessness. Now I in more restful awareness and acceptance level have increased multifold. I am able to face more challenges courageously without fear, greed and sufferings. It is more pleasant on day-to-day life.

I invite all the people around the world to experience this Vedic life style and get benefitted on these spiritual truths.

Electronics Engineer
Hyderabad, India


Gnanam_Lifetime Nirahari Aug2012