Without medication, lipid profiles fell to perfect optimal levels, triglyceride levels which were once 1300mg dropped to the lowest of the lower limits of reference values. ECG and Abdominal scans confirmed optimal health of the vital organs. All parameters were with in  the normal range of optimal limits recommended for optimal health. Less Sleep, more energy. No Gastritis or Acidity feelings. No over weight problems.

Enormous transformation and progress in spiritual understandings and experientially living the Spiritual truths, free from food related patterns. Freedom from hunger and thirst. Additional freedom from several patterns,  life is more integrated and authentic.

Creativity potential has been progressively expressing in the wealth areas improving the business  situations. Relations more harmonious. Society looks at you in awe and admiration, several who are learning about ‘The Samyama’ develop  high respects and virtually see you as if they are approaching divine personality.

Hr Nr Sri Nithya Sri Priyan (Dr. T. Ganesh)
Veterinarian, Business Chairman
Buraimi, Oman

Dr. SriPriyan Before

Dr. SriPriyan Before

SriPriyan Before