Nithyananda_Swami_0603139_Catur Veda Mudra3Welcome to the world of Nirahara  the science of living without food.

This site  presents a small yet powerful segment of the ancient Vedic world revived by the Rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

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You are about to embark on  a journey of realization that the idea of living a healthy, blissful life W/O FOOD is possible. You will also meet numerous people who have reaped the rich benefits of the Bfoodfree lifestyle. These people are not monks, they are regular couples, young adults, senior citizens, middle aged people all of who have taken responsibility towards bettering their lives. 

We think this is the most exciting period in the history of humanity and we  Niraharis are with you through out the process to help you  take  your first steps towards a ground breaking lifestyle that gives you freedom from stale disease causing patterns and the opportunity to create the healthiest body that surpasses scientific definition of healthy.  

At Bfoodfree, you will meet Niraharis who have casually crossed 6 months living a food free life. No, they don’t live life in meditation within a box! They are busy individuals like you who were simply after better quality of life and adopted the food free lifestyle when they realized the “Nirahara impact” surpassed  all their ideas of  “quality of life”.

Our world is where in just 21 days, people are taught and ‘initiated’ by the Master to awaken their natural, innate capability of living without food. We represent the voice of thousands of students from a spiritual mystery school, so phenomenal, that each person is a shining example of living life with excellent physical and mental health rooted in the fertile soil of  extraordinary spiritual strength.

Now, B*Food*Free takes the science of living without food to the world and declares that the effect can be replicated across global boundaries. Initiated people can choose to give up food completely or consume it once in a while instead of 3-4 times a day. Nirahara is truly like going back to nature’s lap, completely depending on  the cosmic energy for nourishment.

So if any one feels living without  food is not natural, think again as to why nature would decide to so richly support our health and well-being if living the Nirahari life was against it.

The point is, the body becomes capable of manufacturing food without dependence on external sources.

Think of the immediate repercussions  on hunger induced deaths or crimes, overeating or under-eating induced diseases . Yes it can get overwhelming.

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And How Niraharis Live Without Food

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda : The MASTER of NIRAHARA

In ancient times, the expressions of extraordinary capabilities were limited to the fortunate few monks and sages, who spent their lives practicing severe austerities. Now, thanks to  Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s 21-day yogic technology called the Nirahara Samyama”, millions around the world will one day be hunger free.

Yes, you  read it right – hunger-free and most importantly, in a naturally sustainable manner. Not only that, people will naturally become free of all the health problems caused by food and we haven’t even begun talking about the positive effect this will have on our environment.

Our aim with integrity, is to be responsible for authentically enriching mankind with this great science of Nirhara – BFoodFree. Remaining true to the  great Vedic tradition that believes and has proven over ages that knowledge is free, all the Nirahara programs are offered for free by the Master, who enriches us with the direct experience of living without food through his powerful Initiations.

The Master is a great invitation to explore and awaken your greatest possibilities ‘unknown’ to you. So, all it takes is your interest and a yearning to go beyond your ideas of human limitations.

Having said that, we humbly present before you, a world of new possibilities in a new YOU!

Meet the Master of Nirahara here, learn about the advent of the Avatar, and how it can enrich you.

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Who ‘We’ Are

What would you call someone who can make you live without food FOR LIFE ?

We call him PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA, The Enlightened Master and Avatar and We are His Nirahari Yogis, people who live without food.

‘We’ are real people, students of the Incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda who have turned Niraharis by choice. We operate on the core principles of Authenticity, Integrity,Responsibility  and Commitment to Enrich ourselves and others. We are simply using this website to share with you our experience of living as life time niraharis, why we made the choice and hopefully inspire you to try this amazing lifestyle and reap its rich benefits. You can read about us

Learn more about ‘who Nithyananda Niraharis are’ here.

And meet more 108 Nirharis on this website who share their extraordinary experiences.

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Why Live Without Food

Banyan_Fork_9Why not, we ask? What is the basic thing you work for?
It is not to buy a Prada bag, or to live in a penthouse in Newyork, or buy a Rolls Royce or a world-vacation on retiring. Those are luxuries that you think of ,after your basic needs are fulfilled. But, are your basic needs really fulfilled or barely filled?

What is every living being’s basic need? It is always FOOD. We bond over food, express our love through it, celebrate with it. Why, it is even part of our mourning rituals ! There was a time when people ate only what they needed. Food was medicine back then.

If you think you are above the “basic need for food”,  we invite you to rethink or just explore BFoodFree – for here, lies the answers to your biggest problems in life – from  dissatisfaction at work, to insufficient wealth creation , relationship problems, physical disorders, depression and even the ultimate fear of death! Filling our bellies and pockets is not equal to a fulfilled life or lifestyle. We say : have the luxuries, but lets also develop a body and mind that is ready to enjoy them.

Our FOOD is a basic survival need. Food is not the problem, but our ‘need’ of it. Over time, for a majority of the well fed population, this ‘need’ has been translated to ‘want’ . So we fill ourselves with varieties and unbelievable portions of food, and yet do not feel  fulfilled  by the experience or complete with it. 

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says – “Need for food, need for love, need for energy from outside of you are  are bondages. Need for food is the bondage with the physical world,  need for love is the bondage to the  emotional world,  and need for energy from outside of you is the bondage  that keeps you away from the spiritual world.” 

Now, in the GMO and pesticide dominated scene, and infinite availability of questionable foods and beverages, even people on the healthiest of foods are not problem free. If they are slim and exercise, they still get migraines and allergies  and are often married to life-time worries of  constant health-watching, calorie reading, fitness obsessed programs. And those that do not care for fitness or health are caught in laziness, which translates as helplessness. The basic point is food consumption and “the mind set we carry towards it”,  has today, become the origin of several dangerous patterns which over time manifest as diseases or are waiting to.

We reiterate that we are not against food used in the context of pure nourishment for the body. We are only highlighting the fact that you have started using food  to feed the unhealthy patterns that you may have picked up as a result of conditionings you received  in life from school , family, society, work,tv etc. To make matters worse for you, leading food manufacturing companies actually invest in research to find out what can deepen your craving for their fare. All food is not bad but not all people have access to authentic un-adulterated food and most have access to none.

The abuse of food in your body directly layers your muscles with disease causing patterns or rather prevents you from seeing those patterns even exist, leave alone letting you deal with them. Often it is the memory of such patterns  that give birth to lower level emotions like anger, jealousy, comparison, frustration, depression and make us deeply unhappy from within. Obviously when we are not happy inside, it always translates to the world we perceive around us.

Food today, is a major reason why even people who seem to have everything, don’t feel centered and balanced. It is also why they get fidgety and restless when they try  an inner world exercise like meditation. It is nothing but the weight of the patterns that have settled in the body and when you deprive the body of food through a spiritual process like Nirahara, the patterns weaken and break .

Thus we say through experience that the NIRAHARA lifestyle “as Initiated and Taught” by Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the greatest solution for problems A-Z .

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What We Aim For

Nirahari AimWe want to tell you it is POSSIBLE  to live without food, because we do it ourselves!

Nirahara is a brilliant way to permanently look better, feel better on the inside and outside without the help of a shrink or a plastic surgeon.

Through this site :

  • You will learn about the Nirahara process, what can get you to do it.
  • You can even talk to Niraharis, real people who really live without food, view their medical reports or rather medical miracles, explore the FAQs, tips and much more.

We believe and we know from experience that it is true knowledge from an authentic Enlightened source that makes real human beings out of what are otherwise just walking, talking, eating, dieting machines. This website is all about true knowledge of a sacred science that was from time immemorial available to a very small minority of people on our planet until NOW.

Why are We Reaching Out?

Nirahara ProgramBecause it is time!

Because wherever we look we fail to find a single person who is completely at ease – if the body is healthy, then the mind is not and vice versa.

Because it feels like all that people do for entertainment these days is eat, eat and eat more.

Because people are taking to pills, smoking, addictions and deprivation to suppress hunger or its side effects.

Because when the lifestyles are wealthy, then the life-spans are not. If the beds are comfy, then the sleep is not. 

 Millions are over-spending billions into unnatural health solutions and short-lived wellness methods never permanently healing their   minds-bodies.
Nirhari Energy

We became Niraharis to show you that this ancient science of living without food is perfectly safe to practice as a lifestyle. Its only side effect is that you develop a deep sense of respect and love for yourself. You drop the sarcasm, judgements and not to forget, the excess weight you bear  in the body and mind.

We have developed such inner strength and confidence through Nirahara, that we can really create new life in and around us. Not to forget, we  get so much time to do so much more with life without thinking where our next meal will come from.

With Nirahara, who’s to force you to work at a place you don’t like because your paycheck determines the food that supports your belly? No one. We can go on and on about saving the world’s resources for better usage but we’d rather that you start on yourself first. Those that raise their voice for world peace, often only create more noise. Peace in the world begins with peace within us. Its a simple sacred secret.

When we take responsibility for our problems,ourselves, the world’s problems get auto sorted because it is we who occupy it! So bring peace into your body and mind and you will see it radiates to the world around you. Your very perception of the world alters based on the change perceived within you.

Don’t Take Our Word for it, look into your life

Delicious Fat FoodIts a cold day and you are very hungry. Imagine a table full of  hot, succulent, aromatic food, scrumptious desserts and creamy cakes! If you have money in your pocket you could satisfy the urge to eat your heart’s wish in a jiffy. Who wouldn’t, you may ask?

Now imagine, you have been robbed but you are extremely hungry and thirsty after a long day at work. The acids in your belly burn with vengeance and then you see someone through a restaurant window gorging on amazing dishes; suddenly, you feel you could do just about anything for a bite.

When you are in the clutches of unbearable hunger, you get violent no matter how subtle the physical expression of that violence is – in your real life.

It’s the truth, face it! Why across the world, most marriages hit rock bottom if the wife doesn’t provide tasty meals. What’s that saying ? – “Conquer your man’s heart through his stomach!”

Again imagine, you live in a remote village and the only food you have ever seen are 4 grains of stale rice, few drops of contaminated, mosquito infested water and you are about to die. You don’t even have a decent visualization of good food to sustain you.

You cannot  honestly relate with the last scenario, can you? It is only possible to sympathise and make a donation to  a charity that takes care of  hungry people. But can you genuinely empathise? Feel their hunger, dry tongues, parched throats, dehydrated organs, acid filled, ulcerated tummies?

Can you feel their anger, vengeance towards society and hatred towards their own bodies that makes unending primal demand for food which they will never see?

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Its a Hungry World Out There & In Here

We are hungry. The world is in a deep hunger  with unfulfilled needs, and unending wants and desires. Humanity can be divided into two groups:

  • People who are hungry for basic food – waiting for death. Facts say that 1 out of every 4th person on the planet is living in food crisis. 
  • People who are hungry in health & spirit . Majority of us face  deep need to find a way to a conflict-free life from our physical disorders, our mental conflicts, our addictions, insecurity in our rapid aging, and expensive drug dependencies.  

At this very moment, 1000s of men, women and children around the world would be closing their eyes waiting for death. In each of their last thoughts, you would find a single wish for one life saving morsel of food. You may have read millions of articles on various facets of hunger induced deaths, stories of malnourishment and undernourishment forcing children to be sold as sex slaves. You will also have read about a billion hunger prevention initiatives, by governments, by charitable foundations and by socially responsible individuals.

Through Nirahara when we can help impoverished people live healthily, with great energy on even 1 meal a week, that itself is profound and rare but doable . The Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda says ” when you eat, don’t pamper yourself, but when you serve food, do it with pampering generosity”.

Keeping that in mind while we Niraharis expound on the benefits of living food free,  Nithyananda Annalayas (restaurants modeled on teaching people to eat with authenticity) are springing up around the world to offer food free of cost to people, in a fun,  spiritual ambience where after whetting the appetites of their belly and spirit ,they can finally learn to Bfoodfree.

Nithyananda_Swami_NirahariThrough Nirahara when we can help regular working people become more compassionate and deeply responsible for themselves and the planet’s resource consumption and food print ,that would be a success too.

Through Nirahara, even those in the flesh trade can gain confidence to overcome the pull of their bellies and take time to find work that can restore their dignity and place in society. If a person can live with great  health on just milk or water instead of requiring food 3 times a day, imagine the freedom he /she gets in terms of using their income for anything else. He/she can enjoy proper food whenever they feel like indulging .

Nirahara is a unique solution that can be read and understood in as many ways as it can be applied. More than anything, Nirahara is the gateway for science to understand the mystical and spiritual dimension of human bodies which defies ordinary logic.

The Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has made the mystical, yogic capability of living food free accessible to the masses, to all of humanity. So, its your calling.

You can choose, whether you do Nirahara temporarily for improving your health, bringing peace to your inner self, breaking free of addictions, breaking free of mental patterns, overcoming psychosomatic conditions, or you can take it up as a permanent lifestyle to explore unchartered depths within you.


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