• Improved health and recovery from ailments like gastritis, depression, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, fibroids, PCOS …
  • Your eating habits will get regulated
  • You will experience healthy metabolism



You can choose to live without food completely ! You will experience healing at an extraordinary level. We have seen middle aged people who have struggled with diabetes all their life, walk out with a perfect bill of health.

Anti-aging, high energy levels, regulated menstural cycles, cure from depression and addictions are the most common of healing experiences.

We’d rather let testimonials of participants speak to you on that. THE Samyama is quite a personal journey of many revelations for participants.

Initially, till the body settles, Niraharis consume light liquids just to balance the body, not out of need. We have experimented so much with the quantities of liquids we consume and we see that even on just 2 glasses of water a day, our skin does not get dehydrated and monthly full body scans and checkups declare us perfectly healthy. Levels of liquids consumption varies from person to person. At this stage its more about having mastery over our pattern of eating and understanding the needs of our bodies in the right context .

LISTENING to Your Body

After THE Samyama , even if you choose to eat once in a while, it is perfectly alright. There is no right or wrong here. Its all about how you choose to LISTEN to your body. Food will become a nice luxury instead of a necessity.

Few Niraharis live on couple of cups of water or juice and will evolve to the point they don’t need even that. Patience is key. We have to stress on the fact that Nirahara is a beautiful evolution of your body’s capacity, it is not MAGIC and it does not respond to force.

Some Niraharis realise they may need to feel complete with certain strong cravings for a favorite food item and they go about that process. Therefore, after THE Samyama, a person would experience getting re-acquainted with his/her body. It is constant learning.

As Niraharis, we can tell you our health and strength has never been better than it is now and we genuinely took up this lifestyle simply because this is the best gift we could ever give ourselves. People who see us live this lifestyle ,feel confident and inspired that Nirahara is truly a great solution for many of the most common problems they and more than half of humanity struggles with.