The program through the eyes of a Nirahara Participant

I am one among 100s of people around the world who were initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda into the Nirahara process. Initially, we were all sitting in Nithyananda Meditation Centers around the world and got initiated into the first process on 2-way video conferencing (This is  the mode, 1000s of people around the world use to connect with the Master who is based in India, the initiations online are just as powerful as it would be in his direct physical presence).
During the first part of the process, we went through 3 levels over 21 days. All the 3 levels are  dotted with 1-2 day breaks and have a single extraordinary  thing in common which makes the impossible possible : the Master’s Initiation and his virtual presence.  Once we completed the 3 levels, we were invited to India to be in the physical presence of the Master so we could start  “ THE SAMYAMA”  , the ultimate 21 day process, after which our bio-memories  totally give up dependence on food to sustain life. You will be surprised, I used to be a big eater, even a binger, but now a plate of the tastiest food looks as useless as a pile of stones.  Even hypnotism cannot cause such a deep change with the best of side effects- only de-hypnotization by a Master can bring about the freedom I have experienced.

Nirahara Samyama_LifestyleUnlike the first level process, “The Samyama”, a 0 fee program requires us to be in the direct physical presence of the Master so he can monitor us closely. The main process is supplemented with energy initiations from the master every evening. The Master literally bears us in his cosmic womb so our bodies are well supported. The 3 things we did simultaneously round the clock were to ‘Unclutch’ ( a special process taught by the master- GIVE LINK) , remain absorbed in  ‘Ajapa Jappa’ ( visualizing a sacred chant go around our throats)  and indulge in feeling connection with the Master ( feeling of gratitude).

I can understand that the lay man will wonder what’s with all the wishy washy energy initiation and cosmic womb talk. But, my fellow participants and i  speak from the mystical and yet very real experience of living around an enlightened  Avatar. The spectacular bit, is that we did volunteer work involving physical effort and tons of creativity for atleast 20 hours a day while remaining in a constant state of no food. Our work was only interrupted with few short meditations and light diluted juices or water. At times we used to totally forget  to drink our cup of juice or water. We even had a 75 year old Indian lady, a teacher, who  successfully did the process with us while keeping up with 1.5 hour yoga sessions twice a day. Our blood pressure and blood sugar levels were checked every day and none of us have been more healthier in all our lives.

We literally feel like we are re-born and we no longer even understand what depression or any state of ill health might feel like.

GVC Group , Oman & UAE
The Samyama batch – August 2012, Kodaikanal, India